Nutrition & Hydration Supplements

When undergoing treatment for cancer it’s critical that patients maintain their ideal weight and stay as active as possible to recover and manage the side effects of their treatment.

Maintaining a healthy caloric intake during treatments is often challenging due to loss of taste, salivary gland issues, and loss of interest in eating. Patients often say they “can’t even imagine eating solid food.” Doctors recommend nutritional supplements to help with maintaining weight and strength. Cancer Services has a variety of nutrition and hydration supplements available including:

    • Boost Plus
    • Boost Glucose Control
    • Ensure
    • Boost Breeze
    • Boost Pudding
    • Dripdrop ORS – Hydration Supplement

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This program is made possible at no cost to local cancer patients or their families through generous individual donors and the following generous funders:

A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO OUR YEAR ROUND CORPORATE SPONSOR: Beck Oil / Friendship! Their partnership with Cancer Services supports our Patient Services Program, daily operations and helps ensure that we can serve every cancer patient that comes through our door.