Grant Funding

Our Patient Services are available through the generosity of local donations and the following grant funding. Our patients, staff, board members and volunteers are grateful for every contribution that helps us continue to meet our mission.

  • Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio
  • Carafo Foundation
  • Randolph J. and Estelle M. Dorn Foundation
  • Erie County Community Foundation
  • Sidney Frohman Foundation
  • Thomas Hinman Foundation
  • Horner Foundation
  • Komen Foundation
  • Mylander Foundation
  • Brian and Robin Beck Gift Fund of the Ottawa County Community Foundation, an affiliate organization of the Toledo Community Foundation
  • Sam S. & Rose Stein Foundation
  • Albert G. & Olive H. Schlink Foundation
  • Norwalk United Fund
  • United Way of Erie County
  • Michelle Wightmen / Weiber Foundation