History & Mission

Our Mission

“Cancer Services strives to assist cancer patients and their families emotionally and financially, and to educate the community on prevention and awareness of cancer-related issues.”

Our History

Cancer Services is an independent non-profit 501(c)(3) agency that provides free services to local cancer patients and their families. Our services are designed to help reduce the financial and emotional burdens that often follow a cancer diagnosis.

In 1960, local residents banded together to help fill the gap in services available to local community members living with a cancer diagnosis. They established what was formerly known as the the Erie County Cancer Society. After several years of providing services to local families, organizers determined that the name should be changed to distinguish between their local organization and national organizations. On July 18, in 1985 “Cancer Services of Erie County” was adopted as the new name.

Cancer Services continues to be an independent non-profit and is not affiliated with any national organizations. All of our funds are RAISED LOCAL AND STAY LOCAL to provide direct services to local cancer patients and their families.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO OUR YEAR ROUND CORPORATE SPONSOR: Beck Oil / Friendship! Their partnership with Cancer Services supports our Patient Services Program, daily operations and helps ensure that we can serve every cancer patient that comes through our door.